ELANATION, Technical Leadership Questionnaire
Welcome! We're overjoyed that you are interested in working with our growing company.
Thank you for taking the time to tell us more about your technical leadership experience. We've received a number of applications and this survey will help us save time and effort for everyone (yay!).
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Have you built an INCREDIBLE team before? How big was the team and describe the quality of engineers and designers you recruited? *
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How do you identify and select good developers? What business did you successfully achieve this for? *
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When did you work with senior executives across the Marketing and Business departments to make strategic product decisions? *
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How do you deal with conflict of opinion in setting a strategy? Do you have an example situation where you had to progress with a build, against your opinion? *
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How do you pick quality emerging technologies to help sustain the growth of a company in the long term? *
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What is your current role, and what are your specific responsibilities? Who do you report to? *
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Where do you see future opportunities for Elanation to expand into from a technical context? *
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What mistakes have you made in the past around technology choices? What did you learn and how can you protect Elanation against making the wrong decision? *
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What was the hardest technical challenge you overcame?
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What motivates you? Other companies, individuals, free-time.. *
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AWS (Amazon Web Services)
UX and UI design
Serverless framework
Video Transcoding Services
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