Springwood Foundation Day Festival: Market Stall Application (Not Food)
This application will be considered and an invitation may be sent to you by email. It will not be accepted until Paypal invoice payment is received AND PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE Currency Certificate to the value of $10million or more is received by email to springwoodfd@gmail.com. PLEASE EMAIL YOUR PUBLIC LIABILTY NOW! Selling any type of FOOD requires a different application form, see menu above.
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Width Depth Stall site widths are shown on the stalls map above. Please ensure your stall will fit.
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Double Market Stalls, discount of 25% on 2nd site.
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To avoid disappointment, please list all types of items that you wish to sell. Stallholders will not have the right to a monopoly of their particular speciality. The Committee will make decisions in this area based on the best interests of the day and other stallholders. There may well be several of the same type of stall invited to attend.
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Preferred Location.
Please use the pdf stalls map on this page to locate and indicate the STALL NUMBER/S you would like. Please do not ask for "Same as last time!" Acceptance and placement of stalls is at the sole discretion of the Committee.
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Power Options *
All power will need to be supplied by stallholders. There is no 240V access from Council boards and Council will not allow cables across the footpaths so generators that are QUIET and SMOKE FREE will need to be provided by stallholders. . Please note your intentions below. No idling vehicle engines permitted unless located adjacent to traffic control barriers.
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Scroll up this page for PDF Stallholder Conditions Link
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