CMCES Return Request for In-person Instruction
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) in the event that you feel that your child is better suited to receive in-person instruction in lieu of the distance learning option that is offered here at Cape May City Elementary, please fill out this form. If you have multiple students, please fill out one form for each student.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Due to current CDC Guidelines: 1) we are at a limited capacity as students must be seated six feet apart in the classroom, 2) that we may not be able to honor your request until we can safely configure arrangements in the classroom setting, and need time we can properly get educational services in order to meet the needs of your student. You will be contacted by the CMCES administration with a formal start date of when it is safe for your student's return to in-person instruction.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic: 1) your student will be required to wear a mask while in school and practice social distancing until further notice, 2) that you as the parent/guardian must complete a daily pre-screening which can be found on our website or have a pre-filled out paper copy upon arriving to school, 3) that at any time, we as a school, have the potential of being place back into a full or partial virtual setting under the direction of the state government of New Jersey, the county government of Cape May County, or the city government of Cape May City, 4) should you travel to a state that is identified as a hot spot, as per the state of New Jersey, you must quarantine for 14 days prior to arrival to school, 5) NJ attendance laws and policies are in full effect, 6) students must have their required vaccinations and health forms completed (please contact Nurse Bohn at or 609-884-8485 if you have any questions/concerns), 7) there is no before or after child care, 8) requests for specific teachers will not be honored, 9) students are required to participate in all aspects of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, 10) students are to follow the updated handbook with COVID-19 conditions and addendums, 11) CMCES administration reserves the right to make final decision on issues of student code of conduct, 12) your child will follow the CMCES School calendar and participate on mandated virtual days (i.e. Election Day 2020 as per NJ Governor Murphy), 13) if your child exhibits COVID like symptoms, you will contact your student's teacher on whether or not your student will be participating in the virtual setting depending on the severity of the symptoms, 14) your child will adhere to procedures as outlined in the CMCES re-opening plan.
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Does your student currently reside at USCG Base Housing? [Base housing students receive in-person instruction on identified "Dolphin Days" (typically Monday and Tuesday, during a normal five day school week) if CMCES is participating in the hybrid format of instruction, while non base housing students receive in-person instruction on identified "Lighthouse Days" (typically Thursday and Friday, during a normal five day school week); if there is a shortened week you will be contacted by the school to identify on which day your child will attend school] *
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Please indicate that you have formally reviewed the CMCES re-opening plan which can be found on home page ( and will agree to participate in the daily COVID-19 Health Screening Questionnaire which is also located on our webpage, by typing your initials below. *
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