LHS Academic Integrity Student Survey
Questions were modified from Academic Integrity
Villa Walsh Academy Student Survey (http://acad-integrity.rutgers.edu/highschool.asp)
What grade are you in? *
Do you participate in any of the following activities during the school year? (Check all that apply.) *
How frequently have you seen the following behaviors occur at LHS? *
Very Seldom
Very often
Plagiarism on written assignments.
Inappropriately sharing work in group assignments.
Cheating during tests or examinations.
Have you ever reported another student for cheating? *
Which of the following circumstances justifies cheating in your mind? (Check all that apply.) *
Have you ever and how often?Please remember that this survey is completely anonymous and there is no way that anyone can connect you with any of your answers. *
More than once
Copied from another student during a test or exam.
Used not permitted crib notes (or cheat sheets) during a test or exam.
Got questions or answers from someone who had already taken a test.
Using an electronic or digital device (e.g., cell phone or PDA) as an unauthorized aid during an exam.
Helped someone else cheat on a test.
Read a shortened version of a book (e.g., Sparks Notes) rather than the original.
Read a world language assignment in English instead of the world language.
Turned in work you copied from another student.
Turned in an assignment on which your parents did most of the work.
Claimed credit for group work when you really didn't contribute.
Copied a few sentences from a site on the Internet without citing them in a paper or assignment you submitted.
Let another student copy your homework.
Sold, purchased, or distributed in some other way, test or exam copies or questions, essays, or class notes.
Claimed you handed in a paper or project when you had not done so.
Stayed home to postpone taking a test/handing in an assignment.
Turned in a paper that was obtained in large part from a term paper "mill" or website or from a book, journal or other written source.
How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements? *
Disagree Strongly
Not sure
Agree Strongly
Cheating is a serious problem at LHS
The investigation of suspected incidents of cheating is fair and impartial at LHS
Faculty members at LHS are vigilant in discovering and reporting suspected cases of academic dishonesty.
Please provide some suggestions on how we improve our culture of academic integrity in Lakewood High School.
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