STARFLEET Academy Exam Request Form
When Requesting Any Exam From STARFLEET Academy, Please Remember The Following
1. You may only request 1 exam at a time. If you request more than one, your other exam request will be deleted
and you will have to resubmit those exams.
2. You must wait to request your next exam till after you have received your Official Records Notification from
the M-2000 Academic Academy Database. Please DO NOT request any exams until the notification is
received. All request received prior to receiving the Official Notification and Certificate will be deleted and
the requested exam will need to be resubmitted
3. All exams must be completed and submitted with ten (10) days. All exams submitted after the ten (10) days
will be considered expired and a new exam request will need to be submitted. STARFLEET Personnel will
receive a different version of the requested exam.
4. Please refer to each exam for specific instructions when completing exam.
5. Any question pertaining to policy and procedure should be emailed to The Academy at
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Current Assignment (Ship's Name / STARBASE Name)
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