FGI Volunteer Tutor Match Application
Are you skilled in a subject area taught during middle or high school? Do you understand developmental milestones of younger children? If your answer is "yes" to either question, this volunteer opportunity may be just right for you!

So that we may give your application full consideration, please fill out the below questions. Thank you for your interest!

Also, for safety purposes, once approved, we will ask you to fill out a national criminal background and sex offender check. We will also ask you to take a 30 minute assessment called the Diana Screen - a sexual risk screening tool for individuals who work with children. All information discovered will remain confidential. Our focus is to protect children and youth.

Consider this opportunity if you can commit to one quarter (3 months) of weekly face-to-face tutor support of a student, or bi-weekly support over the summer. As each quarter winds down, you and the student will decide next steps, whether to continue the tutor relationship or whether to take a break.

Statistically, these students have the lowest academic scores and lowest high school graduation rates of any other group. Why? They are in a point of limbo - with significant uncertainty. Yet, they are capable. Thank you for helping them to see this.

Candidates will be contacted by the Student Advocate at Fostering Great Ideas regarding the status of their application.

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In regards to the last question, if willing to tutor multiple students, would you prefer them all to be in the same placement, or would different placements be okay? *
If different placements, we would work with you and plan the distances accordingly and reasonably
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Morning (8am-12pm)
Noon (12pm-3pm)
After school (3pm-6pm)
Early evening (6pm-8pm)
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