Jersey Number Request Form - Glen Eira FC
Players' Jersey Numbers must be confirmed by the Club to ensure they are unique across each age group (excludes Boys' Dev Squads & NPL). This will avoid number clashes in composite teams at tournaments and also when players move across teams within the age group (either during the same season or in-between seasons).

Once confirmed, players get to keep their jersey number for as long as they are playing in the same age group at Glen Eira FC.

➡ Jersey number requests are assessed based on various factors including, but not limited to: number availability, the how early the request was made, the willingness of family members to volunteer for team & club and any jersey numbers on existing jerseys.

➡ There's no need to get the same number for your blue jersey as you have on your existing clash jersey. It's nice to have and feel free to request it, but if it isn't confirmed then don't worry, it isn't mandatory.

➡ Families with more than one child playing who like to hand jerseys down, might consider requesting the same number for each child.

➡ Players who might occasionally play in different age groups (Eg. filling in when there are player shortages), can avoid a number clash in both age groups by submitting a separate request for each age group where the player might play. NOTE: Requests for a number across multiple age groups will only be granted for numbers numbers from 40 to 99 inclusive.

To request a jersey number:
1) Check which numbers are still available at
2) Request your preferred available number(s) below.
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