International Journal of Forensic Mental Health: Reviewer Application Form
About IJFMH:
The International Journal of Forensic Mental Health provides an international forum for disseminating research and practical developments to forensic mental health professionals. Forensic populations include both adults and youth involved in the criminal justice system, particularly mentally disordered offenders and sex offenders. The focus is on forensic issues such as criminal responsibility, competency or fitness to stand trial, risk assessment, family violence, and treatment of forensic clients. The journal reflects the international audience represented by the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services, and articles comparing the law and/or practice in different countries are encouraged. The journal is the official publication of the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services, and the journal is a benefit of membership.

Who can become ad-hoc reviewer:
Anyone can become an ad-hoc reviewer, as long as they can co-review with their supervisor.
If your supervisor is not currently a reviewer for the IJFMH, please have your supervisor fill out this form. We require students to be supported in their peer-review by their supervisors (PhD-level). We will accept MA-level student reviewers if they can demonstrate their proficiency with the academic peer review process. Undergraduate students will always serve as an adjuvant-ad-hoc reviewer to their supervisors.

Know before you go:
The IJFMH adheres to the manuscript preparation, referencing style and layout of the 6th edition of the American Psychological Association's Publication Manual. This is a great tool to have handy when serving as a reviewer for the IJFMH.

Please note that in-depth (native language or native level proficiency) knowledge of the English language and English professional jargon is required to become an ad-hoc reviewer. At minimum, an applicant must be able to use:
- and understand a variety of complex sentences in oral discourse.
- and understand written English at grade level with instructional support.
- some specialized and technical vocabulary.

NOTE: This information is solely collected with the purpose of helping the editorial team make a decision about ad-hoc reviewers, and enlisting reviewers in our system.

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