"The Evidence I Have Lived" Order Request
After you fill out this order request and submit the payment for physical book copies, I will contact you to go over final delivery details. If you have questions about your total pricing or you would like more information before placing your order, please contact me at vmaldonado1230@gmail.com. (Hard copies will be delivered to you.)
I am interested in ordering a copy of "The Evidence I Have Lived." The cost per book is $20.00. (Add $4 for shipping and handling if you live outside the Chicago suburbs.) Remember all proceeds minus printing/publishing costs go to Lisa's family as her legacy! *
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Please make your payment via Venmo, PayPal (friends/family), or Zelle to vmaldonado1230@gmail.com. (The profit portion from the sale will be transferred into an account and sent to the family.) Please include "Lisa's Book" or "The Evidence I Have Lived" in the notes field of your transaction, and provide the transaction confirmation number here: *
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