Semester Course Evaluation
Thank you for making a copy of this Forms template! Feel free to customize to make it work for you and your students. If you have questions, contact me at or @MsVenturino. I'd love to hear how it's working with your learners!

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Which class period are you in? *
Feedback on grading
To what extent do you like mastery-based grading? *
Explain your answer to the previous question: *
Do you feel like the feedback you receive when you earn an In Progress is enough to fix your work to earn Mastery? *
If no, what would be more helpful to you?
What improvements can we make to our grading system? *
Favorite & Least Favorite Activities
What was your favorite activity this semester? *
What was your least favorite activity this semester? *
What is one thing you like that you wish we did more of in this class? *
What is one thing you don't like that you wish we did less of in this class? *
What is your favorite class memory from this semester? *
Please rate yourself
Please rate yourself this semester: *
I felt excited to come to science
I tried my best on assignments
I understood my teacher's instructions
I came to class prepared (notebook, pencil/pen, iPad charged)
I turned in assignments on time
I read my Mastery Task comments & feedback on Google Classroom
What advice would you give to yourself for next semester? *
Specifically for science class
Feedback on this class
Please be honest :)
What do you like best about this class? *
What would you change about this class? *
Feedback on your teacher
What are your teacher's strengths? *
What can your teacher do to improve their teaching? *
Please rate your feelings toward this class this semester: *
I felt like my teacher supported me as a learner
I felt valued for my ideas
I felt respected as an individual
I felt encouraged to do my best
I felt safe to be myself
Final Thoughts
Would you recommend this class to a sibling or friend? *
Anything else you'd like to share?
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