Making Friends with Yourself Scholarship
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Adolescents is a time of change and transition. Why are you/ family interested in applying for a Making Friends with Yourself scholarship?
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The power of mindful self compassion can transform lives. What are you hopping to achieve by taking this course?
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Teens: To be considered for this scholarship, the teen must be a willing participant and practice the skills and strategies taught in the course . In the teens own words - How can this course help you? Are you ready and open minded to invest in yourself and gain life long skills taught in this program?
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Parents: I acknowledge that what happens in group this course is confidential and that my child will be on their own personal journey. Healing takes time and compassion.
Parents + Caregivers: I acknowledge there is a required parent night after 4 weeks of the 8 weeks course to support the teen's journey. Families comes in all shapes and sizes and it takes a village to raise a child. I agree to bring the village!
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