Camp Mosh Tzevet (Staff) Application Summer 2021
Wow, the picture above sure makes me want to be back at Mosh. Luckily, there's a way!
Welcome to part 1 of the Mosh Tzevet (staff) application for summer 2021!

Please submit this ASAP, as we are currently working on our hiring process. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to reach out to me (Yoad Merin - 2021 camp director) via email (, via text (240-645-5148) or we can set up a zoom/phone call to chat.

Summer Dates:
- Mandatory at-home quarantine (10 days): June 3rd-13th
- Mandatory COVID test result within 4 days of June 13th (i.e. going on June 8th). Must send test results to nurses (more info soon) on June 12th
- Construction: June 13th- 26th
- First day of camp: June 27th
- Rest of the dates are in the image below ->
- Deconstruction: August 8-11
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Dates for kids:
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What pronouns do you use?
Were you referred to apply by someone? If yes, please add in the person/organization that referred you in the "other" category *
What year did you graduate Highschool? (If option is not here, please add it to "other") *
Do you have previous experience working at a sleepaway or similiar camp? If so, what roles did you hold and where? *
Why do you want to work at Mosh? What excites you about this summer? *
What is something you might be worried about for this summer? *
What is one area where you want to grow this summer, based on past experiences or feedback? *
Check all of the tafkidim (positions) you're interested in *
Va'adot are a structure on tzevet in which small groups of tzevet members meet to plan and discuss different elements of camp. Pre-summer va'adot work with mazkirut to brainstorm ideas about improvements to areas of camp in the weeks leading up to the summer. Are you interested in being on any of these pre-summer vaadot?
Which Dates can you work? (Anyone working must start on June 13th and do the 10 day quarantine beforehand mentioned above) See orange image above for more info on dates and age groups. *
Construction (Pre-camp prepation) (June 13-26) is REQUIRED in full attendance this summer. Since this time will also serve as tzevet quarantine before the kids arrive, you MUST attend all of construction to work this summer. Can you attend all of construction this summer? *
Deconstruction (August 8-11) is also incredibly important! This is when we wrap things up and make sure the campsite is prepared for the coming year. Can you be there for it? *
What is your t-shirt size? *
We will need more lifeguards this summer! What is your lifeguard status? *
What school will you be attending/what will you be doing in fall 2021? *
What is your favorite chair ever? *
Thanks!! Now please complete part 2 of the application!
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