Energy Horizons Application
The Energy Horizons Program will increase energy literacy of Dartmouth students and engage participants first hand in envisioning future energy scenarios for Dartmouth and the surrounding region. This will be done through mini-lectures, discussions, field trips, teamwork, and a scenario-building simulation game. The Energy Horizons Program is a five-day Interim program hosted by the Dartmouth Sustainability Office and the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society at Dartmouth.

Learning Outcomes:

During the winterim Energy Horizons Program, attendees will:

1. Advance their understanding of the basics of how energy is used, distributed, and produced

2. Develop a broad vocabulary of energy-related terms and units, as well as knowledge about how energy decisions are made and how key public and private sector stakeholders participate

3. Build meaningful connections with students and staff on campus and in the community working on energy and society systems & innovation

4. Engage in visioning and future scenario planning for integrated energy and society systems

5. Visit energy infrastructure at Dartmouth and in the Upper Valley

We seek applicants from diverse backgrounds with a range of extracurricular and academic interests. Previous involvement with sustainability, energy systems, earth sciences, health, or environmental justice work is not required. Ideal applicants will:

- Be willing, ready, and excited to learn about energy systems from multiple perspectives and through various social, technological, and environmental lenses
- Be flexible, willing to go with the flow, able to put the group’s needs before their own wants, AND able to communicate when their needs aren’t being met
- Be emotionally present and open-minded to hearing different points of view and having dialogue across difference
- Be able to commit to attending the entirety of the 5-day intensive session during the winterim period

We expect participants to commit to attending the program in its entirety. A consistent cohort of participants enables deeper group discussions and collaborative work, so please plan to be present for all sessions! We will provide meals for the duration of the program.

Costs & How to Apply
A $250 participation fee covers all meals, travel, and programming for this 5 day experience.
All applications must be submitted with this Google Form by Sunday, November 12th by 5pm.

Financial aid is available and we will make every effort to insure that cost is not a barrier to participation in this program. If you’re worried about the cost, please apply and we will work with you to make it possible!

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