Weybridge Spring 2019!
We had to do it to them
apps due saturday nov 3
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Who are you? Tell us about yourself. Feel free to use any form of communication (i.e. poetry, drawing, wingdings, etc)
Please read through and sign your name at the end: Living in Weybridge is a large commitment. Not only do we attempt to live off a local diet, we are also a group of eighteen people who must succeed in living with one another. We aim to create a respectful and inclusive atmosphere wherein each member of the household pulls their weight in order for the community to function. As such, I agree to the following:-I will perform my jobs and chores. I recognize that these will take a time commitment of anywhere between 2 – 5 hours a week.-I recognize that Weybridge is not merely “off campus housing” – but rather, a home for a community. I will do what is necessary to keep Weybridge running smoothly. This may mean doing things outside of my jobs/chores responsibilities, such as cleaning up the kitchen, sweeping the floors, putting food deliveries where they belong, emptying the compost bin, etc.-I will be respectful of the other residents in the house. Signed:
What is your power vegetable? Why?
What food would you not eat off the floor? Explain
What are you excited about right meow?
Is there anything you want to tell us (secret crushes in weybeans, cooking skills, etc.)?
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