Portrait commissions.
First off, thank you so much for commissioning me. I really appreciate it.

Unless specified, most of the art commissioned will be posted on my social media (twitter, deviantart, etc).

Please remember that although you are paying for my art, don't claim that you were the one who drew it and don't re-sell it.

I will start to work after getting the payment. After that you can ask me for as many WIPS (work in progress pictures) as you want, so that if you have any comments or revision you want me to make, we can work that out.

Please send me a message if you want a custom order.

If you have any questions please contact me at:

Twitter/IG: @fresahyu
Deviantart: @Pandahyu

Thank you!
What's your name?
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Email adress? *
- The paypal account one so i can know the payment comes from you-
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Social media username where you'd prefer to be contacted? (Also, please specify if you'd rather talk over there than over email).
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The way I draw characters has slightly changed since I made this commission form: now it has lineart, this means, for any of background option you choose for the commission, the character will have lineart. :) Here some examples:
Captionless Image
Stars, hearts, whatever you want, you tell me! :) // if you aren't sure of a pattern you can tell me and i will add what i think fits the piece :)
Captionless Image
Leaves, sparkles, flowers, whatever you want, you tell me! :) // if you aren't sure, you can tell me and i will add what i think fits the piece :)
Captionless Image
If you choose this background option you must send me a reference picture. Note: the background will be blurry so the focus is on the character.
Captionless Image
Please describe what you have in mind for the commission *
Character/person facial expression, atmosphere, if it will be more than one character: relation between them. If you'd like me to add: cat/bunny/? ears tell me, if you'd like me to add a certain pose (peace, v, thumb up hand) tell me, if you want me to add a certain hat or something, tell me and please attach a reference picture in the nex option.
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Please include links to images/references for your commission. *
Character/person reference picture, "extra" if you will be adding one (like the example of the hat in the previous question), and if you chosed the "scene" background option please add the reference picture for that too.
Your answer
Please enter the date you would like your work completed (note that I'm not super woman.)
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By agreeing to a commission to me you are agreeing to pay me the full amount of your commission up front once it is confirmed. *
You should receive a reply from me saying if I'll take your commission + discuss its details within 1-2 days. :)
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