Error Request Form (URLs ONLY)
In order to complete this form, you must fill out the following information. No information will be used to harm you in any way whatsoever. This is strictly seen by nkrs200.
Hold up... There is a some info you need to see...
We have made some new guidelines for our Request Submission process. Here are the new Guidelines:
- You can no longer use your email address to submit requests in the YouTube Account Username box.
- You can no longer spoof our Username in the YouTube Account Username box. Any requests that use our channel name will be deleted.
- You can now submit error requests with your Discord Tag. However, you must be a member of the nkrs200 Discord Server. However, there is certain criteria that is discussed in the discord submission section.
- If your error request is not funny in the smallest sense, it will not be used.
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If you have a Discord Tag, you can verify by using your Discord Tag. Otherwise, click on YouTube Account Username.
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