VS24 DEI Student Form
As we move forward in planning for our future, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is seeking input from our students regarding their experiences in our schools. We would like to include your perspective on a variety of factors related to a positive learning environment. All your responses will be confidential . Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey and for sharing your valued insights.
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Use the following scale to indicate your response choice for each item below.
I am able to access or get books and materials that reflect my cultural background, ethnicity, and identity.
I feel that all students' cultural beliefs and practices are respected and valued.
I feel that all students are helped with developing their social-emotional needs ( self-control, problem solving, and getting along well with others) no matter their race, ethnicity, or cultural background.
I feel that I receive the support I need to learn everyday.
I feel that the teachers discuss and show positive images of people from a variety of races and cultural backgrounds
I feel like I belong here.
I feel that my ideas and the things I share are valued.
I feel that I am excluded from activities because of my race, religion, language, gender or disability.
I feel pressured to follow ideas that are against my beliefs.
I feel that I am called on in an equitable or fair way and am given a lot of opportunities to show my strengths in my class.
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