Community Nurturer and Leader
Thanks for taking up this responsibility. Thanks for showing community path and leading the way!!
There are three ways you can help community thrive - Sponsorship, Partnership and Support.

1. As Sponsor, you participate in the event, take up responsibility of sponsoring a Community Initiative, within your capacity.

2. As Partner, you participate in the event, promote the event by mailing your subscribers, and sharing on social media channels and help with some service like Venue, Meals, Refreshment, Knowledge, Guidance, Event Management, Committed Servant Leaders from your Org, Experts from your Org on certain Domain Knowledge, Stationary, Photography, Videography, inviting your partners and stakeholders to program etc..

3. As Supporter, you do everything like Partner, but do not participate and promote the event.

So see what you can do, and if one thing matches your goal, join hands with us.

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Is there anything that we as Community, AgileVirgin can do for your Organisation? We can help your Org with Agile/Lean/DevOps/CI/CD/XP/Leadership/ Project Management Solutions via Training, Coaching, Consulting, Agile Internal Events and CoP formulation, with the help of our Community Servant Leaders. *
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