Anime Houston - Panel Applications
Thank you for your interest in hosting a panel at Anime Dallas.

Topics of all Panel, Workshop, or Events should be related to some aspect of our convention's main genre focus. Some examples are Anime, Art, TV, Movies, Manga / Books, J-pop, Fashion, Food, Language, Martial Arts, Video Games, etc. If it is felt that your submission does not fit into the scope of the convention or is inappropriate, we might not approve your submission.

First and foremost we ask for your flexibility with scheduling. Your panel could be scheduled at any time during the convention.

ALL PANELS will only be 50 minutes long, unless it is a very unique event or activity.

We will provide 2 microphones, speakers, and a projector in every panel room. Panels can not request more microphones.

Panelists can receive ONE free badge for hosting a panel, if their panel is approved.
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