Application Form VOLT #6 - Thurs 3rd of March at Circomedia
The ever popular scratch night for new ideas, catching up with your circus friends, seeing some work and feeding back returns... VOLT Scratch Night is back!

A chance for circus artists to share early ideas on stage with you, the audience, in an informal setting.

Please note that scratch pieces proposed should be a maximum of 10-12mins

Please note that finished acts or performances are not appropriate to present. Only ideas in development which are in need of gaining feedback from a keen interested audience.

Co-presented by Circomedia and Ausform

“An invaluable experience for all involved. Create, attend, and ensure that this is an on-going event.”
Steven Allen, VOLT Artist

For any questions email

Deadline for applications 1st of February
We aim to let you know by 5th of February

Photo by Graham Burke, artists in photo Abigail Evans and Imogen McRae
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