Peterson PTSA Mini Grant Application ~~2018-2019~~
If your club, team, or classroom could use some additional funds for a special project or program, apply for a Peterson PTSA Mini Grant. Grants of up to $200 will be considered. Your grant request should be for an activity/supply/project that will benefit students and the wider Peterson community in some way by doing a direct service, encouraging greater student involvement in school or, community activities. Funding must be used during the course of the current school year. Examples include, purchasing refreshments for a club welcome event, supplies for signs/banners to publicize an event, or providing seed money for a larger project or fundraiser. Check the website for deadlines. There is a limited amount budgeted for mini-grants so don’t wait!

For Club Applications: At least three (3) club members must be PTSA members to qualify.

For Teacher/Classroom Applications: The teacher making the application must be a PTSA member to qualify.

You can join the PTSA for just $8! For information on how to become a member of Peterson's PTSA and application deadlines, check the PTSA webpage,

Do your best to submit all requested information. The more complete your application, the more likely it is to be considered for a grant.

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