College - 2016 Recycling Survey
1. In what capacity are you involved with the Medicine Hat College?
2. Choose the best response that describes you. (please select one)
3. How would you rate the quality of the current recycling program at Medicine Hat College?
4. Is it easy and convenient to recycle at Medicine Hat College?
5. What are some of the obstacles that hinder you from recycling at Medicine Hat College? (select all that apply)
6. What more can the college do to encourage recycling? (select all that apply)
7. If you recycle, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being you don't recycle that item at all and 10 being you recycle it all the time) how often do you recycle the following items?
1 Don't recycle at all
Column 2
Column 3
Column 4
Column 5
Column 6
Column 7
Column 8
Column 9
10 Recycle all the time
Food waste
8 a). Do you bring outside food/drink on campus?
8 b). If you answered YES to the above, do you use: (select all that apply)
9. Where do you typically eat your meal?
10. What do you do with your food/waste recyclables on campus?
11. The cafeteria currently uses styrofoam, which can't be recycled if it is covered in food. Would you support either washable plates or biodegradable paper plates?
12. Would you want a compost recycling bin by the cafeteria for food scraps?
13. Do you look for a recycling bin to dispose of your bottled/canned beverage after you've finished drinking it?
14. Do you think there are enough recycling bins available on Medicine Hat College campus?
Trades Wing
Science Wing
Business Wing
Arts Wing
Cultural Centre
15. Are there recycle bins on campus near your classroom?
16. Would you use recycle bins if they were placed in your classroom?
17. Do you agree that the Medicine Hat College residency provides adequate recycling options for students living in residence?
18. If recycling facilities were placed at the Medicine Hat College residence, which of the following would you be willing to do? (select all that apply)
19. Would you support an increase in Medicine Hat College student fees ($8/year or less) to enhance our recycling program?
20. What age group are you in?
21. What is your gender?
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