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Our products help you evolve your yoga practice in the class room and beyond, while also providing economic opportunities for vocational centers and women's communities.

Proceeds from sales supports uBloom yoga therapy for children with special needs.

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Yoga Mats (Rs 900)
Our beautiful yoga mats, help you feel warm and grounded as you evolve in your yoga practice, in class and at home. Made from cotton in vibrant colours these mats are sturdy and washable. The perfect mat to practice your asanas!
Yoga Bag (Rs 699)
Our colourful yoga mat bags are handmade from cotton textiles. They are fashionable and functional- perfect for carrying your yoga mat to and from class.
Eye Pillows (Rs 499)
Our eye pillows are handmade with recycled fabric. Filled with flax and lavender these colourful eye pillows are perfect to help you relax.
Singing Bowls (Small: Rs 699, Medium: Rs 1299, Large: Rs 1999)
Our singing bowls are made from a combination of brass, silver, and other metals. These bowls create soothing vibrations that balance and activate all the chakras.
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Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp (Small: Rs 1299, Large: Rs 1999)
Our Salt Lamps are made from Himalayan Pink Salt. These eco-friendly lights are used to cleanse the air, elevate energy levels, and improve sleep. Comes in Small (2-3 kg) and Large (5-6 kg)
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Shipping and Handling Charges will apply. Once we receive your order, we will call to confirm and provide bank details for transfer. Please send a snapshot of your transfer to: prafulloorja@gmail.com. After receiving the funds, we will ship your items within 1 work week.
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