Application for the 2018 AeL Institute on Teaching Writing
Offered by the Faculty Development Office
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What are your tentative goals for the project? Include course goals as well as benefits you foresee to the department, college, or other programs (e.g. low student engagement, high failure rate, large class size, outdated curriculum, need for new course materials, changing role of course in GE or major program) *
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How is writing currently utilized in your course? *
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In a few sentences, please explain how you envision integrating any of the eight learning objectives outlined on the RFP. *
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Because AeL will use interactive technology and you will spend a significant amount of time working on your project, it is required that you bring a laptop computer. Do you have access to a laptop? *
It is critical that your Department Chair and Dean are aware and supportive of this project. This application will be routed to them through Faculty Development. Have your Chair and Dean been made aware of your interest in this work? *
Do you commit to attending all AeL sessions and completing all assigned work? *
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