BCO Gardening 2020 Vegetable Plot Application
• The Gateway Garden is at 5386 N. Ravenswood Avenue at Balmoral Avenue, on the west side of the railroad tracks.
• The Bowmanville Community Garden and BCO GreenSpace is at 5384-5400 N. Bowmanville and The West Gate Garden is the traffic calming area at Bowmanville & Berwyn.
• This application is for one plot only. Plot rental fees are $30 per season for 4’X 6’ or 4’X 8’ beds.
• All gardeners are required to fulfill 10 volunteer hours of community garden maintenance and /or BCO event support.
• Membership in the Bowmanville Community Organization (BCO) is required. If your application is accepted, and you are not currently a BCO member, you must complete the separate membership application (found on our website) and pay the membership fee when a plot is assigned to you.
BCO Gardening Vegetable Plots Rules & Guidelines
BCO Gardening Vegetable Plots Rules & Guidelines for Your Safety and Gardening Success

1. Orientation: All gardeners must attend the 2020 Season Orientation and Social on April 2, 7:00 PM at the Tempel Steel Training Room. If you are unable to attend, you may send someone in your place, or you must meet with a garden leader before planting.

2. Plots: Vegetable plots are reserved for one gardening season, from spring to fall. If requested, all efforts will be made to assign the same plot the following year(s). Any plant materials planted, such as perennial herbs, are planted at the gardener's own risk. You may plant only within your assigned plot. All plots are raised beds, varying in size from 4' X 6' to 4' X 8'. ** Be aware: right-of-way construction by the city or Union Pacific Railway may impact the usage of any garden plot. **

3. Storage: Do not store wood, materials, tools, or other supplies in the garden. Any items that the gardener wishes to keep at the end of the growing season (i.e. tomato cages, stakes, trellis, etc.) should be removed at the end of the gardening season.

4. Neighboring Plots: Do not take, weed, destroy or help yourself to anything from another gardener's plot. Harvest only from your assigned plot. Designated community plots are available for all to harvest.

5. Pest Control & Fertilizers: Only organic means of pest control and/or fertilizer may be used. Herbicides (weed killers) of any kind are strictly prohibited in vegetable plots and in all areas of the garden. If you have questions regarding a fertilizer or pest control product, please contact the BCO Garden Committee prior to using.

6. Plot Maintenance: You must prep and plant your plot by June 1. If you do not, your plot will be reassigned, and you will forfeit the application fee. After planting, you must actively tend your garden and maintain your plot in an acceptable manner. This means that you must do such things as weed, prune, water, harvest and/or remove debris at least once a week during the growing season. If your plot looks unattended, you will receive an email warning that you have seven days to remedy the situation. If you don't, you will receive a second warning via phone. If within seven days of the call (14 days after the initial warning) you still have not addressed the complaint, you will be notified by email and phone that your plot will be reassigned to the next person on the waiting list, and you will forfeit your plot rental fee.

7. Pathways: You are responsible for weeding, watering, and taking care of the paths and berm in the garden. Additionally the 2 foot perimeter around your box must be kept free of weeds and debris. The area around your plot cannot be planted in and must remain clear of any objects that would potentially cause injury to yourself or another gardener. Be considerate of all who walk past; prune, tie back, or transplant errant plants, particularly those that may be thorny.

8. Discouraged Plants: All crops planted and harvested must be legal. No trees are to be planted in a plot. Plants with invasive root systems cannot be planted, (i.e. mint). Plants that may grow large enough to cast shade must be arranged in a manner that does not allow shade to be cast on another plot. The primary use of the plot is for the planting of fruits and vegetables, not for the production of seeds.

9. Structures & Fencing: No walls or additional timbers may be used in or on the plot or its boundaries. Structures to support climbing vegetation are allowed, provided they do not shade a neighboring plot. Poles, stakes, and other open, airy structures to support climbing vegetation are allowed. Fencing to prevent the invasion of small animals (such as chicken wire) may be used as long as it is not tacked or otherwise fastened to the plot timbers. Fencing material must be staked inside the garden plot. The height of any fencing used must not exceed 36” from the ground. Structures in your plot may not intrude into the area around your plot or into other plots. The timbers that outline the plots shall not be painted, stained, or otherwise permanently modified in any way. Do not nail or screw anything to the raised bed boards and timbers.

10. Watering & Hoses: Watering of common areas will be done on a rotation basis by plot gardeners as determined by the watering schedule. Please conserve water. The water supply is to be used only by gardeners in caring for their plots and the garden area. No washing of cars or other personal items is permitted. Please shut off the spigot completely, close the lock, drain water to depressurize the hose, and neatly stow the hose after use. Take special care not to damage another's plants when pulling the hose to and from your plot. Do not leave the hose running unattended for any period of time.

11. Volunteer: In addition to tending your plot, we require that you help maintain our community gardens and or support a BCO event for a minimum of ten (10) hours per season. Additional volunteer time to garden maintenance is needed and appreciated if you have time available. Garden workdays are announced at the beginning of each growing season. Typically we have workdays every month on the 4th Saturday and on weeknights in the second week of each month.

12. Activities in the Garden: Littering, urinating and defecating are absolutely prohibited. Amplified sound is not permitted unless through personal headphones. No unlawful activities or alcohol are allowed in any part of the garden. Motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited.

13. Pets: For the safety of all gardeners and for food sanitation reasons, pets are not allowed in, on, or near the plots. Pet owners must obey city leash laws. NeighborSpace site guidelines prohibit dogs from community gardens.

14. Gardeners & Sharing: The primary gardener of a plot must be at least 18 years old. Gardeners younger than 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult while gardening. If gardeners have chosen to share a plot, the plot shall be divided up as the individual gardeners see fit and agree.

15. Gardening Hours: Gardeners may tend to their plots at their convenience between dawn and dusk. No gardening shall be conducted outside of this time to ensure quiet for our neighbors surrounding the garden.

16. Personal Use: The garden and its vegetable plots are for personal and educational use only and are not for growing of vegetation for commercial purposes or commercial harvesting.

17. Debris Removal: Weeds, cuttings, and other debris removed from your garden must be placed in the appropriate garbage bin or recycle bin. Do not leave or throw debris in any other area of the garden.

18. Harvest Deadline: All crops must be harvested, all beds tilled under and cleared, and all fencing, stakes, debris or other objects must be removed from your plot by November 21, 2020. Crops and other remaining materials or items left after this date will be removed and disposed. Failure to comply with this rule will adversely impact any future application you make for a BCO garden plot.

19. Community Materials: Tools and/or plants will occasionally be available but cannot be guaranteed. Each gardener is responsible for providing his/her own plants, tools and other necessary gardening materials.

20. Changes to Rules and Guidelines: The BCO reserves the right to change and/or amend these rules at any time. The gardener will be provided with a new copy of these rules and guidelines should changes occur.

21. Hold Harmless Agreement: (a) The gardener agrees to all the rules stated herein and releases the Bowmanville Community Organization (BCO), its officials, agents, representatives, and board members, from any claim for injuries and/or damage arising from, or in any way relating to, the gardener's participation in the program, plot or tool use. (b) I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the BCO, its officials, agents, representatives, and board members, for all losses, damages, attorney's fees, costs, or expenses resulting from any injuries or damages which I may suffer during my participation in community gardening activities, including work performed in my plot and in the common garden areas, and from all losses or injuries I may cause another during the course of the activities. (c) I understand my participation is entirely voluntary and will involve moderate physical activity. I agree to participate at my own risk and acknowledge that reasonable physical capacity is required. I also understand that there are risks of accident from participation that may result in injury. To my knowledge, I am not affected by a physical condition or disability that would prohibit me from safely performing in any aspect of the activity. I also understand that if I am injured during my participation in the community garden activities that I will not be eligible for workers' compensation benefits.

I have read completely and fully understand all statements contained herein and agree to abide by the rules and guidelines set forth in this document.

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Also, you agree to receive email/phone communications from the BCO.

A paper copy of the Rules & Guidelines must be completed prior to gardening.

In addition, if you are awarded a plot you agree to pay the applicable fee to secure the plot for the 2020 growing season.

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