Yoga and Meditation Retreat "The Call of the Universal"
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The family rooms are for couples, or adults with children. In this case there is no gender separation, the rooms are mixed. The rooms continue to be collective, if that was the option selected in the previous question, the rooms in that case will be shared by several families. It may be possible to have any of the previous question options (floor, double bed, single bed, or double room), in a family room, depending on availability.
The rooms will be shared with same gender people (except family rooms). Some rooms have ensuite bathrooms and others have shared bathrooms. *
Any comments about accommodation. For example, other participant name with whom you would prefer to share the bed/room, or indicate which children you bring with you... or leave it in blank
As mentioned on the retreat info page, we really appreciate if you can make a conscious decision according to what you can contribute. This is important to help us to maintain the prices affordable, and to help other participants that have a difficult financial situation to have a discount. Thank you!
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Welcome! After submitting this form, you will receive an email from telling you what you should do in order to pay half of the total value. Your application will be only confirmed after we receive your prof of payment. In case you don't receive any email from us, please check your SPAM folder and send us an email to the address above. This event has limited spaces and they are reserved by order of payment and not by the order of this form submission. Thank you!
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