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TIYO social media presence
TIYO has a presence on several social media outlets including but not limited to a website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube account. Social media accounts are designed to provide information and updates to the public and to members about the activities and events taking place throughout the TIYO season. An online presence increases public awareness of the organization and can contribute to a positive public image.

Photographs, videos and recordings of TIYO activities and performances are essential content for our online social media presence. TIYO does not disclose specific identifying information to the public including member last names, phone numbers, email or physical addresses.

I give permission for TIYO to capture my likeness through photograph, videotape, and/or sound recording during the course of my participation in TIYO rehearsals, performances, or other activities. *
I authorize TIYO to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, distribute, and publish in print, video, audio recording, and on the internet this material for purposes of promotion, publicity, advertisement, or other lawful purposes without payment or other consideration. *
I waive the right to inspect or review the finished product that contains my likeness, including by written or electronic copy, *
This authorization is continuous and may only be withdrawn by written request for rescission of this authorization. *
Reminder: this form must be signed by the TIYO member if age 18 or older, or by a legal guardian if the TIYO member is a minor.
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