Application for Certificate Program | The New Centre for Research & Practice

NOTE: Before completing your application, you will need to prepare the following required documents and materials.

-A letter of interest
-A resume/CV
-A project description relating theory & practice in accordance with a program theme of your choice (500 words minimum)
-Any additional requirements specified in the Program you are applying for. Please consult the certificate programs before sending in your application.

If you have already completed at least a BA degree or equivalent, you must include two letters of recommendation from academic or professional individuals in your field. If you are outside of academia, letters of recommendation from respected individuals in your domain of interest are encouraged, but are not required. Even though not required, support letters may help us in determining your eligibility for our programs. Letters may be sent via email to

TECHNICAL NOTE: Unfortunately, you cannot save and return to your uncompleted application form. However, you can submit more than one form if you have to abandon your original form. In that case, please make sure to go over all questions and respond to them again.

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