One Act Director Application
Please fill out and submit the following applications for directing a One-Act Play
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Are you planning to obtain a Theatre Career Pathway for your diploma? *
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The performance dates for this are currently scheduled to be Dec 13 & 14. Are you able to commit to these dates? *
We will have a rehearsal schedule set up for this that will run throughout the fall. You must assist in creating this rehearsal schedule and sticking to it. Are you able to commit to this?
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Please list anything you already know will be a conflict in this time period. If you don't know, yet, just say so. (but start looking forward in your calendar). *
When it comes to the one act you've selected, is there anything in the one act that might be considered "questionable" for an audience. When thinking about this, remember that these will be performed mostly for audiences of parents. Use this to inform your answer. If so, what? If you have not chosen a one-act yet, just write that in the answer box. *
When it comes to the concept of directing, how comfortable are you directing a cast of your peers? *
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How comfortable are you creating an artistic vision and communicating it to your cast? *
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How comfortable are you in designing a floor plan & set design? *
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How much guidance do you feel you would need in any aspect of directing these one acts? *
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None at all. Go away, Goff.
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