Dear Sir/Madam,
In order to improve our public services, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) conducts an evaluation survey for this event to have an overview of the quality of our services. Your opinion will greatly help to improve the quality of LIPI public services. All information and answer in this questionnaire will be kept confidential.

Thank you for your attention and participation.
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1. What do you think of the requirements of the service? *
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2. How easy do you find the service procedures in this event? *
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Very easy
3. What do you think of the timeliness of delivery from our services? *
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4. How do you rate the service costs? *
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Very reasonable
5. How appropriate is the service product compared to the one described in the standard manual? *
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Very appropriate
6. How do you rate the competency of the officers/officials for the given services? *
Very competent
7. How do you rate the attitude of the officers/officials?
Rude and unfriendly
Very polite and friendly
Clear selection
8. What do think of the quality of facilities and infrastructures in this event? *
9. What do you think of complain management in this event? *
Managed well
Please give suggestions for the service that you used
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