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Women's Interest Group (FWIG) of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP).

We have changed from annual membership to on-going enrollment in FWIG whenever a new member would like to join us! (effective Oct. 2015 new bylaws)

Purpose of FWIG
Encourage and support the efforts of all ACSP participants with an interest in issues of concern to women faculty and students but with a primary focus on issues of importance and interest to the women faculty and graduate students themselves,

Provide faculty and graduate students with a forum to explore and develop ideas focusing on planning issues of particular interest for and concern to women,

Develop and enhance the professional opportunities of FWIG members,

Establish relationships among professional women in the wide-array of academic planning interests, including college administration, research and training, and teaching who share a common professional interest and affiliation with planning academicians and practitioners.

Provide for the exchange of information and ideas among members about common concerns and interests, as well as, special issues affecting FWIG and/or its individual members.

Educate others in academic planning about issues of importance and concern to women, including not only arena of inquiry but also treatment and status in academic and professional settings.

Report on research related to issues that will enlighten and support the development of FWIG member interests and professional status.

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