TARO EAD 2002 Schema BPG survey
Texas Archival Resources Online (TARO) is in the midst of an NEH planning grant to develop improved systems and updated standards for TARO as it achieves sustainability to serve the archival research community into the future. Part of this work is to create new encoding guidelines for TARO repositories that conform to the EAD 2002 Schema encoding standard, which TARO will complete conversion to in 2016.

The best practice guidelines (BPG) are available as a PDF at http://bit.ly/1Wk6p6W
The BPG appendices are also available at the same link as XML files.
Please complete this survey to help us improve our guidelines!

TARO (Texas Archival Resources Online)
TARO makes descriptions of the rich archival, manuscript, and museum collections in repositories across the state available to the public.
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