Pizzeria Uno Website Review
Thank you for taking the time to filling out the survey! We want to further develop our new website while changes can easily be made. The best way to improve the experience for the users is feedback from the users.
What pages did you visit? (can select multiple)
What are some things you liked about the homepage?
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What changes or additions would you like to see in the homepage?
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Did you know you can view/download the menu on the menu page?
After selecting a section from the menu, (ex: the drinks or pizza section) is everything legible and would help you find a possible order? (pictures of the food and drinks will eventually be included in these sections)
Did you find something on the menu you didn't know about before?
How did you explore the different Locales?
Do you think the locale specific pages give you a good idea what each locale is like? (list your thoughts and changes)
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Would you check back on the events page often for upcoming events?
Does the website overall give you all important information you need?
What did you like about the website overall?
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What improvements should be made to the website? Do you feel anything is missing overall?
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How would you rate the website overall?
Needs a lot more work
Ready for a full launch
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