UWCCF Membership Form 2018
This form is for any UW student applying for membership for the upcoming election cycle. If granted, membership expires August 31st, 2018. Currently, membership is restricted only to students of the University of Waterloo. Membership grants people the right to run for committee and vote in elections.

Please read through the constitution thoroughly before submitting this form: https://www.uwccf.com/uwccf_constitution.pdf
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In joining CCF, I declare my faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior, my Lord and God; and I declare the acceptance of the doctrinal basis in Article 3 of the Constitution. I shall support CCF in every possible way to achieve the purpose as stated in Article 2. *
Have you read the CCF Constitution thoroughly and fully understand it? *
Do you accept the doctrinal basis in Article 3 of the UWCCF Constitution *
Are you willing to support the CCF in achieving its purpose as stated in Article 2? *
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