Students who are pursing their career
Are you happy with the career choices you have made? *
What sort of process did you pursue to choose career? *
Had anyone influenced your decisions? *
Who did you consult before choosing this specialisation? *
If you had proper guidance would you have done better in life? *
What challenges do you see between you and your career goal? *
Overall how would you rate your mental health? *
If a student gets a chance to live different career streams and gain knowledge about them before choosing,would you recomment it? *
Do you have any innate skill and want to make it as your career? *
If u get a chance to change your career line would you? *
Do you need a mentor who can assist you in your academics? *
Are you able to cope up with the career choice you have made? *
Who you could ask to write you a recommendation for a job, program, scholarship, or college? *
Where did you get to know about this survey? *
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