Ask Great Questions Video Quiz
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Asking questions that are very opened ended does what for the bride? Example: Tell me about your wedding? *
What is the first question we should ask when we sit down with the bride? (After we have asked about the ring and shown her to her dressing room.) *
When a bride is vulnerable with us we need to? *
Why do we need to know venues in our cities? *
Why do we need to know where the bride lives? *
When a bride shows you a picture on her phone of a dress she likes what do we need to do? *
When she has tried on before we need to ask her? *
Why do we ask the bride, who has tried on gowns before, what held you back? *
What is "Open Face?" *
What do you do when a bride pulls a dress above her budget? *
Asking the Best Question will help determine who the bride is. Why is that important? *
Is there any questions you heard in this video that you forget to ask your bride?
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