2019-20 Wrestler Gear Order
This is for wrestler gear only! Manager and Fan Gear will be ordered separately.
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Sponsor T-shirt - the shirt will be gold with our team sponsors on the back (Gildan cotton) *
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Long Sleeve Shirt - the shirt will be gold (cotton) *
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Shorts - Climatech (100% polyester) *
Crew Sweatshirt - shirt will be navy (these run a little big) *
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Pants - these will be navy (these run a little big) *
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Pullover - 3/4 zip bomber *
Singlet *
Head Gear or Duffel Bag - New wrestlers will need to order head gear. Returning wrestlers that have head gear can order a duffel bag. *
Hair Covers - any wrestler with long hair will be REQUIRED to have a hair cover. This is an additional cost and will be added to your dues. Anyone with long bangs or hair over their ears will need a hair cover. If you are unsure, check with Coach Shea. *
Optional Add-Ons - I understand the additional cost will be added to my dues.
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