Sloppy Vltava Rafting Trip 2020
Cum one, cum all, or at least thirty of you, and join the Fourth Anal Sloppy Vltava Rafting Trip! After the success of this trip in the run up to Euro Hash 2017 in Vienna, I have decided to make it a yearly event, so those that wish they'd come on the first three have no excuses this year!

​About the trip;

​Running from July 2nd - 6th 2020, this will be a four day rafting/camping trip along the Vltava river in the south of the Czech Republic.

​Highlights of the trip for those yet to experience it include Cesky Krumlov, truly one of the most beautiful towns on the planet, Squirrel Shit Shots, and ACTUAL floating Mojito stalls - yes, you read that right - you can get a Mojito without even getting out of your boat!

​Please note: THIS IS A CAMPING/RAFTING TRIP: Weather cannot be guaranteed, and there is a chance you may spend some of the time feeling wet and uncomfortable - this is why we encourage people to bring lots of booze to supplement what they find along the river!

​Now the important thing: COST

Cost is 175 Euros per person. THIS PRICE INCLUDES;

Bus from/to Prague at the start and end of the trip*

Four nights camping - but not tents or hammocks, you must bring your own!

Four days boat rental - we will have a combination of rafts and canoes, so those that wish to risk the weirs on less stable craft can do so!

Bag transfer between campgrounds so we don't have to carry crap on the boats!

Group dinner in Cesky Krumlov

​Many - but not all -  drinks along the river - There will be several official group stops each day where drinks will be paid for. You can also stop anywhere else along the river you wish at your own cost - Approx 1.30 Euro per beer in most places, but please TRY NOT TO GET TOO FAR BEHIND THE REST OF THE GROUP!

​Haberdashery - shirt of course. And maybe something else too which I didn't work out yet.

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