Morehead Hill Community Garden Plot Holder Application
Welcome to Morehead Hill Community Garden! We are happy for you to join us in our mission to help neighborhoods and communities create sustainable green spaces for gardening, gathering, and education. Plots are made available to community members each April on a first-come, first-served basis. Previous plot holders are given first opportunity to renew. With increasing community demand we will add more plots to the garden.

As a MHCG Community Gardener you will receive: 1) Your own raised bed. 2) Seeds, when available.

Cost: The contribution for each bed is $1 - $50 (sliding scale based on ability to pay) for each year, regardless of when you join. The Garden Agreement is for April 2014 - March 2015. There are no refunds. These funds help with upkeep and improvement of the community space.

Before applying to be a plot holder, please note the following site rules:

Each plot holder is responsible for upkeep of his or her own plot.
Each plot holder agrees to weed inside their plot.
Each plot holder agrees to notify the garden leadership if the plot must be abandoned for any reason.
Your garden will be drip irrigated and is on a timer. Please be conservative about additional water usage and use only for cleaning of tools, etc.
Each plot holder is responsible for participating in the fall cleanup of the garden

- Apply chemicals to kill weeds, insects, or as fertilizer. At MHCG, we practice organic gardening. We are happy to share ideas.

- Neglect your plot. If you do for more than a month, you will be asked to give up your plot.

- Harvest from any other plot or part of the garden without permission. If you do you will be asked to give up your plot.

Have fun! Gardening is an adventure filled with surprises and rewards!

For more information, please contact Janet Willett at 594-1625 or

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If I am selected to be a plot holder, understand that neither the garden group nor owners of the land are responsible for my actions. I therefore agree to hold harmless the Morehead Hill Neighborhood Association, Morehead Hill Community Garden Board, garden members, and the city of Durham for any liability, damage, loss, or claim that occurs in connection with the use of the garden by me or any of my guests. *
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