[QUIZ] Does Your Website Suck?
How functional is your website? Is it driving traffic and leads? Website optimization is so important. Answer the 16 questions below to find out your website's current health score.

This quiz will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, but it's worth it (we promise)!

1) How mobile-friendly is your website? (Take the Google Mobile Test here (http://bit.ly/TakeSpeedTest) *
2) How fast is your website? (Use the speed test found here: http://bit.ly/SiteSpeedTest) *
3) How many total inbound links does your site have? (Enter your website here (http://bit.ly/InboundLinks) *
4) From that same test, indicate your Domain Authority score . *
5) Run your site through a crawl tool (like this one http://bit.ly/SEOCrawler) and count how many title tags you're missing. *
6) Check how many of your pages Google is indexing here (http://bit.ly/IndexedPages) and select your result below. *
7) Check your site for broken links (use the tool here http://bit.ly/BrokenLinkCheck) and select how many you're missing. *
8) How old is your domain? (use this tool here: http://bit.ly/DomainAgeTest) *
9) Is your site secure (do you have an SSL certification)? Hint: Go to your website and look to the left of the URL. *
10) How many alt tags are you missing (you can test by using this tool: http://bit.ly/AltTagChecker) *
11) Does your site have rich snippets? Use this tool (http://bit.ly/RichSnippetCheck) and select the number of items detected (top right corner) below.
12) Do you have a Google MyBusiness page set-up with accurate and up-to-date info? *
13) Do you have pages built out for your products/services with more than 200 words on each page? *
14) Does your website have a sitemap? (Use this free tool if you're not sure: http://bit.ly/SEOCrawl) *
15) Does your website use a robots.txt file? (Use this free tool if you're not sure: http://bit.ly/SEOCrawl) *
16) How would you rate the overall design and user experience of your (navigation, style, color scheme, etc) *
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