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The GSA, the official graduate student government of Rutgers New Brunswick Piscataway, needs your help to offer events, services, and advocacy for graduate students at Rutgers! Use this form to express interest in any of the positions or involvement opportunities we are organizing.
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GSA Committees
This section contains information on committees that the GSA is starting this year. GSA committees can be formed around almost any topic and grads interested in organizing a committee not covered by the below are encouraged to propose a new committee at the end of this form. The projects a committee chooses to take on and how it operates is determined by its members.
Public Service Committee
The purpose of the public service committee is to encourage more graduate student involvement in community service, by organizing new service opportunities, integrating public service into the GSA's existing programming, and finding new ways to recognize public service among grad students and grad student organizations.
Graduate Student Mental Health Committee
An increasing number of studies have suggested significant rates of mental health issues among graduate students, some going to far as to say that there is a "mental health crisis" facing graduate education. The purpose of the Graduate Student Mental Health Committee is to advocate for new resources, studies, and programming to support the mental health needs of graduate students at Rutgers.
Advocacy Committee
The purpose of the advocacy committee is to support the rights and well being of graduate students by working to identify issues and policies negatively impacting graduate students and pushing for meaningful change.
New Student Committee
The purpose of the New Student Committee is to organize new programs and resources to improve the experience of new graduate and professional students transitioning to life at Rutgers.
Student Life/Outreach Committee
The purpose of the Student Life/Outreach Committee is to expand the number of students participating in student organized events and programming by working to identify the types of events and services students are most interested in, organizing new events and services, and proposing new ways to support graduate student organizations.
Health/Nutrition Committee
The purpose of the Health/Nutrition committee is to promote graduate student health by making existing health resources more visible and organizing new programming.
Graduate Resources Committee
The purpose of the Graduate Resource Committee is to collect information about the complex and decentralized web of resources for graduate students at Rutgers and to publicize this information in an accessible way, and to research programs and resources made available to graduate students at other universities and advocate for their implementation at Rutgers.
Constitutional Officers
This section contains information on available constitutional officer positions in the GSA. These positions require regular attendance at GSA council meetings (Mondays once a month from 7:00-8:00pm in the College Ave Student Center GSL) and regular communication with the rest of the GSA's board.
Vice President of External Affairs
The Vice President of External Affairs (VPEA) is broadly responsible for advocating for graduate student interests at the state and national level and acts as the GSA’s liaison to the SAGE Coalition (Student Advocates for Graduate Education), a group of graduate student associations from public universities across the country who push for federal reforms that improve the quality of life for graduate students. A great position for a politically minded student with an interest in how the government can improve the lives of graduate students.
New Officer Positions
Campus Event Directors
The GSA has traditionally held its events and programming on the college ave campus. Campus event directors are new positions created to pilot GSA events and programs on other campuses. A great position for students for interested in creating a more cohesive graduate student community and who are motivated to create new programming.
New Ideas
The GSA is always looking for new ideas for committees and for events and services that it can offer the graduate student body. If you have new ideas for the GSA, we would love to hear them!
Propose a New GSA Committee
GSA committees can cover nearly any topic. Please describe the committee you are proposing below, including the purpose of the committee and any thoughts you have on the types of things the committee might do.
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If you proposed a new committee would you be interested in joining the committee or taking a leadership role in organizing the committee?
Propose a new GSA Event, Service or Program
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If you proposed a new event, service, or program, would you be interested in taking a leadership role in implementing it?
If you expressed interest in multiple positions, what is your order of preference?
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Keeping in Contact
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