How has FoodShare helped you?
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP or FoodShare in Wisconsin) helps 42 million Americans, including close to 700,000 of our friends and neighbors in Wisconsin, have the nutrition they need to work, learn, and live healthy lives. After a good paying job, FoodShare is the second best tool to fight hunger in our state.

But this important nutrition program is at risk for major cuts and harmful changes. Some of the proposed changes would limit benefits and eligibility, making FoodShare less accountable and less responsive to changes to local economic conditions.

Our Members of Congress and the Administration need to learn about how FoodShare helps people in our state put food on the table.

If FoodShare has helped you or your family, please take a moment to share your story. Your voice and your story matter. They are one of the most effective tools to communicate the impact of this important program.

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