Mercersburg/Montgomery Parent Survey 2019
Mercersburg Elementary School continually works to strengthen partnerships between schools and families. In order to continue to do so, we would like to collect as much information as possible regarding parental involvement opportunities within our schools.

Please take a few minutes to complete our Parent Survey so that we can determine how well our school has met your family's and children's needs. Your responses will remain confidential. The results of the survey will be summarized and used to make improvements to our parental involvement program.

Please select "agree" or "disagree" and feel free to make an additional comment in the "other" space provided.
What school does your child attend?
What grade(s) is (are) your child(ren) in?
Does your child receive additional services at ?
Please rate your satisfaction for the overall educational experience that your child(ren) receive at Merersburg Elementary School. 1 being the lowest quality of education and 5 being the highest quality of education.
How would you rate communication between your child's teacher and home? 1 being poor communication and 5 being the highest quality of communication.
How would you rate your satisfaction with parent-teacher communication? 1 being not satisfied at all and 5 being fully satisfied.
How would you rate the communication between the school office and home?
What method of communication do you prefer? Mark all that apply.
How would you rate the communication between the PTO and home?
Do you feel the school clearly explains the learning expectations? Please explain.
Do you feel the school clearly explains how students are assessed/ tested?
Does the school regularly inform you of your child's progress?
Do you feel welcome at your child's elementary school?
Does your child feel safe at school?
Have you noticed improvement in your child's reading this year?
Have you noticed improvement in your child's math this year?
Have you noticed improvement in your child's writing this year?
Were there ample opportunities for you to be involved in your child's education this year?
The instruction in my child's class is student-centered.
My child's teacher uses test results to adjust his/ her instruction.
My child can apply what he/she learns to everyday life.
My child does a lot of hands-on activities in class.
My child's teacher makes learning fun.
My child's teacher encourages the use of multiple resources to solve problems.
Good citizenship is rewarded at your child's elementary.
Do you think there is a strong communication between teachers and students?
My child's teacher takes action on student concerns and suggestions.
Are you attending your child's parent-teacher conference in November?
How many evening or after school events do you plan to attend this school year? (Back to school night, Race for Education, Math Night, Literacy Night, Art Fair, Science Fair, Parents Night, Choral Concerts, etc.)
What other types of evening events would you attend?
Do you have any other comments or suggestions that you feel would help to improve the educational experience for your child at Mercersburg/ Montgomery?
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