2014 Archery Division Work Days and Volunteers
online signup for club work days and tournament help. Am and PM shifts will do light manual labor, keep track of Gary, sign in shooters, collect scorecards and enter scores into a spreadsheet if able. Bring a comfortable chair and a book to read or electronic device to occupy your mind during the slow times. I also need somebody good at data entry during the march shoot to help me recreate some electronic shoot records from last year by entering scores from scoresheets. Tear down will require moderate lifting of targets to place on trailer and pulling of stakes. The targets are very expensive, so I need the folks for teardown to also be very cautious and deliberate. The heat can be close to unbearable and we've had folks drop out from range setup teardown, so if you are sensitive to the heat, please sign up for sign in. Range set up is dynamic based on weather work schedule - lane clearing, mowing, trimming etc is normally done the Saturday prior to a shoot.
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Can you help with shoot setup?
We will set up some time during the week prior to a shoot based on the weather. Setup involves lifting and placing targets, driving stakes, setting out shade and water and trimming of branches/trees for shooting lanes. Please let us know which shoots you can probably help with setup.
Please select which date and times you can and Will help us with.
Morning is 7:30 am to 1 PM. Afternoon is 1230 to about 5 or 6. Teardown is on Sunday afternoon about 5 or 6 pm - should be available at 4 pm.
We also need to mow and trim prior to shoots. If you can help with this please let us know.
This will be during the week prior to the shoot.
Are there any other ways you can volunteer to help the club?
Ie. Decorating the ladies room or mens room :D, Recruiting sponsors, Website design/maintenance, advertising, t-shirts/hats/logo, advertising, clean up
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