DAME semi custom application summer 2018
After you fill out this order application, we will review it and contact you if we except your request. We will then send a quote, pricing will vary from customer to customer. We may refuse your request and we may not give a reason. Once we contact you a deposit must be paid (50% of cost) and this MUST be paid within 28 days of order acceptance (so please be prepared financially). Then you will placed on the waiting list, we will confirm when your order is started and estimate a completion date. All money given to us in non refundable. We are much more likely to except your application if:
If the character you choose suits our facial styles and fits our preferences. (we only have Alice mask base for summer 2018)
If he/she is character we haven't made before.
If you are already a customer or a Kigurumi performer.
(we do not except original character designs and non official art work)

All masks are 3/4 masks full FRP. This is SEMI custom mask not fully custom mask.
This application is only for up to 2 masks and we only except semi custom orders of 2 per customer per year.
Contact us at info@damekigurumi.com with any other en queries
Warning semi custom places are limited if you apply, but don't get a place you can then again apply next year. Places are only held once deposit is paid. We may cancel your order at anytime if our privacy information or information of your order is shared via instant messaging, chat rooms, forums, image boards and social media ( this the only instance we will enforce refund). https://damekigurumi.com/Privacy

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