2019 Warrior Roots Training Camp Workshop Proposal Form
Thank you for stepping up and choosing to submit a proposal for the Warrior Roots Training Camp on October 11-13, 2019. Our committee is excited to review your workshop proposal that brings much-needed skills and strategy to our community. Warrior Roots has specific objectives listed on the website and is focused on fostering creative, non-violent direct actions to shift towards justice. We are particularly interested in workshops and presentations that engage participants in practical tactics that are accessible and visionary.
Once the planning committee has reviewed all the proposals we will follow up with you and ask for a photo for the program and answer any additional questions that may come up. Please plan your presentation to be as interactive and engaging as possible for youth as well as adult audiences.
Brief and to the point is welcome, but take the space you need to explain what you are proposing to offer.
Selected workshops will be scheduled by the committee and some may be selected to repeat depending on the needs. A modest stipend is made available for all presenters. If you are out of town, we will work out your transportation and lodging. Please feel free to email us at warriorrootstrainingcamp@gmail.com or call us at 210-446-9474 if you have any questions.
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Title of Workshop or Activity *
Briefly, what do you hope participants will take away from your workshop? *
Please describe the content of the workshop, including the format. Each session is 90 minutes long. *
What level of knowledge is this workshop? For this year's Warrior Roots we are emphasizing intermediate and advanced content.
Is this workshop for a specific age group? Please describe
Please list all the presenters. Include name, brief presenter bio, organizational affiliation (if any), tribal affiliation (if any), race/ethnicity, gender, preferred gender pronoun, and if you are youth-identified. *
Format: Will the format of your workshop be primarily lecture, panel presentation, interactive exercises, small group discussion or other (please describe)?
Room Arrangement: Given the format, do you prefer a classroom with tables and chairs, open circle or other? We will try to accommodate your preferences but may be limited by room availability.
Please describe any audio/visual needs: (If your proposal is accepted, you may change this later. This includes all audio, visual, and technical support.)
What supplies do you need for your presentation? (If your proposal is accepted, you may change this later. Some examples are butcher paper, markers, etc.)
Accessibility Needs: What do you need to be able to present? (For example, mobility needs, translator (ASL, Spanish, etc), large print, childcare (include age), etc.)
Note To Presenters - Interactive is always a plus!
We ask that presenters design their presentations for diverse audiences and ages. If a presentation includes visual content (e.g., PowerPoint presentation, video, handouts, or charts and graphics), it will be helpful to have videos captioned and some copies of text prepared in large print. This will be helpful for guests who have low vision or who are deaf or hard of hearing. In addition, we will try to give presenters a heads up if conference attendees make accessibility requests (i.e. mobility needs, language translation, etc.) when registering, and express interest in their conference sessions.
Also, you are required to adhere to the schedule to the best of your ability. Going over your time makes the flow of the schedule more difficult, particularly for mealtimes. There will be a volunteer timekeeper in each session for this support.
Also, a small stipend, free conference registration, and meals are offered to workshop presenters in appreciation for their time and energy. Thank you again for your offering of energy and passion at Warrior Roots.
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