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Thank you for your consideration in becoming a STEM·E Youth Career Development Program Ambassador. We are greatly excited by your interest!

The Ambassador Program is a collaboration between the STEM·E Youth Career Development Program and high-achieving, highly-motivated, passionate young students that are driven to build their own STEM·E venture in their schools. We work directly with students to assess their STEM and Entrepreneurship Interests and develop an after-school club/program to cater to their passions. Student STEM·E Ambassadors further our mission to bring awareness and enhance access to STEM and entrepreneurship opportunities while personally building a world they envision.

Please fill out and submit the information below detailing your interests so we can provide you with further information. For more general information on the program, please visit:

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If you have any questions, please email us ( After submission, you will receive a receipt, and form answers can still be edited post-submission.

With much appreciation,

-Andria Balogh
Founder & Executive Director
STEM·E Youth Career Development Program
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Interest Specifics
The Ambassador program requires pro-active students who want to start their own club or business within or outside of their school. For different positions required in the Ambassador program, please see below:

PROGRAM AMBASSADORS: For students- Help start a club in your school to spread the word of STEM & Entrepreneurship while also building out activities/clubs you wish existed in your school. Take on a leadership role, while learning the skills that propel you into the future. You will learn how to start and run a club, as well as learn entrepreneurship/start-up skills, leadership skills, team-building skills, and management skills. If you are interested in starting a company instead (for-profit, non-profit, social enterprise), we can still help you by mentoring you as you build your new business. For more information, visit

Clubs and Businesses can cover any and all fields as long as they are associated with either STEM, entrepreneurship, or business. EXAMPLES: Science- biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, geology/geophysics, environmental, etc; Technology- computer programming, devices, computers, etc; Engineering- chemical, mechanical, material, biological, biochemical, biomedical, petroleum, etc; Other STEM Subjects- Robotics, Drones, Rockets, etc; Mathematics; and Business- entrepreneurship/start-ups/starting a business, leadership, teamwork, communication, presentation skills, writing/publishing, marketing/advertisement, finance/budgeting/accounting, consulting, other skills, etc.

AMBASSADOR PROGRAM TEACHER ADVOCATES: For teachers- Our student-run Ambassador Program requires teachers to advocate for the student clubs. The STEM·E Youth Career Development Program will provide all materials, experts, and resources, as needed. Teacher Advocates will be a critical communication center-point and school representative for the club. Time commitment varies. For more info, please email us at and see our Ambassador Program webpage (

OTHER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: For students (and others)- Do you NOT want to start a club or company, but just want to volunteer? We have many roles for that as well. Time commitment is anywhere from 2 hours to indefinite depending on your interests and some can lead to part-time or full-time job positions!

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, check out the following information on our various ways to get involved:

Volunteer Interest Form:
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