YARC Youth Contesting Program Application
YARC's Youth Contesting Program (YCP) is a weekend program for groups of young amateur radio contesters throughout the US and Canada to meet up at a nearby-as-possible "big gun stations" during the 2019 CQ World-Wide WPX Contest taking place 30-31 March 2019. It will hopefully enable a new dimension of the hobby to young hams who have contested a little before, and set a new precedent for the welcoming of a new generation of radiosport aficionados.

It works like this - we will attempt to pair a small group (up to 4) of young contesters interested in operating with a "big gun" station owner interested in hosting the youth group. The contesters will operate from the station, and the host has the option to help the youth improve their skills, provide advice, and even operate alongside. We will try to keep it such that young hams will only require a relatively short drive (ideally no more than 5 hours) to keep travel costs low. As such, this will require the participation of as many operators and hosts as possible, but it might so happen that a valid match may not exist. We will try our best and work to make this a better program in the future!

YARC YCP is inspired by the efforts of YOTA's YCP (https://www.ham-yota.com/youth-contesting-program/), as well as Team Exuberance (https://www.gofundme.com/team-exuberance) and we hope to inspire a big chunk of young hams into becoming the greatest contesters of the 21st century.

This form is to gather information about you, either a contest station host or a youth operator, for the YARC Youth Contesting Program. For any questions or comments, use the text box at the end of the form or email ycp@yarc.world.

To all: Understand that this event is intentionally flexible, lightly organized, and low cost. YARC will serve to help facilitate the meeting between hosts and operators, and you will be in charge of some things.

To hosts: an ideal host station should be a "big gun," equipped with towers, yagis, arrays, etc, and able to host at least 2 young hams operating independently in a multi-operator category, and have either on-site lodging and food options or be close to a city with such amenities. Not meeting these criteria doesn't disqualify a host and aren't required by any means, but we will need to know so we can adequately pair operators to your station.

To Operators: Ideally, you should have some contesting experience and know your way around a transceiver. Barring any unique situations and conveniences (like if you live near another operator and can carpool) you will be in charge of your own logistics, and lodging, and food if not provided by the host.

After you enter your information, stay tuned. We will start announcing matches on March 1, assuming we can work through most of the coordination by then. The deadline to apply is March 14, 2019.

Disclaimer: Information entered here will be kept confidential to YARC and won't be used for anything other than organizing and coordinating the program. YARC, being an informal association, can not assume or waive liability for any actions of a host or invited operators. YARC is only serving as a means of introduction.

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