Secure Open Source Reward Submission
Secure Open Source is a program that rewards security improvements for critical open source projects. Reward amounts vary based on the complexity and the impact. The final amount is chosen at the discretion of the reward panel.

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This rewards program is limited to critical open source projects. What makes an open source project critical? It should be a popular and widely used project that has a critical impact on infrastructure and user security. Projects that come to mind are popular web frameworks or libraries, decompression libraries, crypto libraries, mail servers, databases, network services, and security or toolchain dependencies of any critical projects themselves. In the response below, please explain in as many words as you feel are needed why this project is critical.
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Please select the option below that best describes the complexity of the work involved.
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Please tell us what the improvement is and explain how it works, its complexity, and the security impact (including links to CLs). If the improvement required a lot of effort to complete, tell us why in detail. Include any information that may convince us that the improvement has a demonstrable, significant, and proactive impact on security. If this submission is similar to a previous submission, please let us know and tell us how this one is different.
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