CARREIA Deal of the Month Questionnaire
Congratulations on your deal.. a big CONGRATS if it was your first deal!! Please answer the questions below that might assist us in writing your story for the newsletter as well as the presentation at the General Meeting. Answers the questions that best relate to your specific deal. Thanks!
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How long have you been a member of CARREIA?
Business Name and Type of Business
Your typical investing strategy (ex. rehabs)
Number of deals done (note if this is your first)
Type of property (ex. SFH)
Deal Structure (ex. Rehab)
How you found the deal
Why was the seller selling? (What was their pain.)
How much were they asking for the property?
What was owed on the property? (mortgage amounts, and who they were with)
What was your After Repair Value estimate? (value if fixed up)
What repairs were needed?
Which of the above repairs did you complete?
How long did it take to rehab/repair?
How did you finance the deal?
How long did you hold it? (from original contract/purchase to end sale/rental)
How long did it take to sell once rehabbed?
How did you find a buyer/renter?
Did you get a deposit, down payment or option consideration from them, and for how much?
Purchase Price
Holding Costs
Rehab Costs
Rental Costs
Financing Costs
Closing Costs (if you paid any)
Other Costs
Selling Price
Total Profit
What made this a sweet deal?
Other parties involved (esp. CARREIA business members, if any)
Who was your mentor (and did they mentor you through this specific deal)?
What challenges were unique to this deal and how did you over come them?
What mistakes did you make along the way?
Would you do anything differently if you could do it over?
How has CARREIA helped you in being successful with deals such as this one?
How many hours did you personally spend on this transaction?
How did good negotiation skills help you get a better deal?
How did good relationships with the parties involved help the transaction go smoothly?
Are you under 30? If so, would you mind sharing your age? Young people can inspire other youngsters!
Is the home still available for sale or for rent?
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Any other parts of the story you would like to share?
Can you recommend any other potential Deal of the Month candidates? (please include contact info)
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